After spending many years separately in various real estate development businesses in Mexico, we saw in each other distinct qualities that, when combined, would make a mutual, formidable team.

In short, the sum is greater than the individual parts.

GPS Project Management S.A. de C.V. sees ourselves as an opportunistic real estate investment and development company. Not only do we manage development projects, we also believe so strongly in the current Baja market that we will invest our own capital in carefully selected real estate projects throughout Baja California Sur.

Properties for sale in Puerto Adventuras

The experience of living and working on the Riviera Maya for about 20 years allows the company to draw conclusions about the steady growth in demand for real estate in this place. The company is experienced in the promotion of real estate.

Why is it better to turn to professionals?

If you are looking forproperties for sale in Puerto Aventuras then welcome! Sales agents will assist in the search for discerning customers. The company legally accompanies all transactions.

Compliance with modern standards

All Puerto Adventuras properties are environmentally friendly. We are waiting for your applications!

GPS Project Management’s objective is to establish strategic alliances with real estate investors that have a dedicated commitment to implementing a successful business plan.
With our strong local presence and contacts, we can find you just the right property for your next project. Our specialty is finding deals that are unknown to the retail markets.

The Challenges
Make no mistake, Mexico is a unique and challenging market.
The challenges and risks are real.
We know. Each of us has experienced our share of surprises, road blocks, delays and plain old battle scars. But we are a bit wiser now.
Good judgment is often the result of experience. And experience is often the result of bad judgment.
For the prudent and savvy risk taker, the rewards can be great.

If you are looking for such opportunities, give us a call.